How I work

posted on 02.02.2015 by Peter Scholl

Making your first contact with a lawyer can be intimidating.

I make sure it isn’t.

From the start, I give you clear guidance on what services I can offer you and what you can expect to pay.

My ethos is to try to resolve differences rather than inflate them. This can help avoid unnecessary – and potentially costly – litigation.

I operate as a sole practitioner. This benefits me because I enjoy working closely with clients. This also benefits you, since you can be confident that it’s my experience and expertise that you’ll be getting.

In over 30 years, I’ve developed a strong network of other professionals whose services you might need. These include:

  • Structural surveyors
  • Management surveyors and managing agents
  • Accountants and tax advisers
  • Solicitors specialising in areas of law other than property

All are people whose work I endorse.